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More CCAA files for 2018 will be uploaded as they become available. Most of these files are PDF files and require Adobe Reader for viewing.

CCAA Board Members

Position Name Phone Alt. Phone E-mail
President Chris Accetta 553-6254 209-1685 caccetta@lcwsonline.com
Vice-President Erik Kreutner 302-6071 ekreutner@aol.com
Treasurer Beth Hilleke (217) 371-4313 556-6131 bhilleke@gmail.com
At-Large Steve Lesniewski 207-8800 437-0002 steveleski@knology.net 

Brenda Rindge

442-9654 937-5713 brindge@att.net

Kevin Condon

709-5688   kevinmcondon@comcast.net 
AuxiliaryMark Hafner729-3278mhafner@homesc.com
Auxiliary Patty Jones 276-2641   patty.jones1@juno.com 
AuxiliaryMarshall Milliganmarshall.milligan@gmail.com
Auxiliary Alex Orr 991-8580 alex.orr@blackbaud.com
Auxiliary Eric Sears 296-1685 esears@republicservices.com
Auxiliary Ronneca Watkins 330-0836 ronnecaw@yahoo.com
Head Referee Chris Accetta 553-6254 caccetta@lcwsonline.com


Team Representatives

Team Team Rep Phone Alt.
CCST Sonya Routhier 822-0118
Natalie Fennell 437-6845 nerf3916@yahoo.com
DI Mark Hafner 729-3278 mhafner@homesc.com
HYC Tiffany Moye 270-6896 tiffanydupree@hotmail.com
NST Keith Haffner 324-9647 695-9435 keithhaffner@gmail.com
SF Jenn Maher 327-2053

Stephanie Davey 442-3457

Team Team Rep Phone Alt. Phone E-mail
DW Leslie Tarala (336) 263-4021 president@duneswestswordfish.com
JIST Tina Mikulski 670-7268 762-3835 jiswimrep@gmail.com
Stacie Crowe 822-5201
LP Tina Russell 224-7753 trussell809@gmail.com
NBT Mike Walsh 224-9524 763-6342 mbwswim17@gmail.com
SM Zack Hanna 324-0499 766-3866 zkthanna@yahoo.com

Team Team Rep Phone Alt.
ASH Mandi Livingston 708-3693

CCC James Stark (317)
CF John Busche 452-1590 jfbusche@comcast.net
FJ Caitlin Astle (413) 244-5312 caitlinbrady2@yahoo.com
Krissy Wissel (337) 353-7897 wisselk1@gmail.com
LOST Holly Mizell 817-2625 hcserna@yahoo.com
PKS Kathy Grenier 906-1742 khgrenier@gmail.com
PFCC Alice Kelley 224-0410 pineforestswimteam@gmail.com
Courtney Bruffey 364-5317
SML Lisa Cates 224-4980 lisa_cates@charleston.k12.sc.us
Elizabeth Ransford670-6454
SVY Jenny Allemeier 259-8828
Amanda Clarke(850) 207-1477amandacclarke@yahoo.com


League Registrars

League Registrar E-mail Phone
Red Kathy Grenier khgrenier@gmail.com (843) 906-1742
White Justa Tumminia jotumminia@gmail.com (843) 345-4881
Blue Brenda Rindge brindge@att.net (843) 442-9654